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Purchase a gift voucher from Your Market Place and redeem at Queenstown Heritage Tours and get a unique take on Tasmania’s West Coast.

Queenstown Heritage Tours offers tours with a difference on Tasmania’s West Coast. With a number of different tours on offer its a great way to experience the history of this incredible area. A fantastic heritage tour gift voucher idea!

Queenstown Heritage Tours - Heritage tour gift voucher

You can  choose from three tours, including Lost Mines-Ancient Pines where you can discover mining  relics amongst  the temperate rainforest of Tasmania’s Western Wilderness. You’ll even get to take your very own rock chip sample and meet real life modern day piners.

The Underground Mine Tour lets you experience life below the surface in this large historic working mine.  Travel six kilometres down the main decline to the cavernous workings in an authentic underground vehicle.

You can also visit Lake Margaret Hydro Power. Here you can explore this still working Hydro Power station, wooden pipelines and village.

Whatever tour you decide the expert guides will share interesting insights and also incredible historic background stories. You’ll be able to truly immerse yourself in how life used to be.

A fantastic heritage tour gift voucher idea for any history buffs!

Contact Details
24 Sticht st Queenstown, Tasmania
0407 049 612
Lost Mines-Ancient Pines Tour Information

Board the Lost Mines-Ancient Pines 8 seater 4WD and head south, out of town to the old gold mining precinct of Lynchford. Be guided through the ancient forests to discover old mining relics amongst the world famous Huon and King Billy Pine trees. Admire the pure tannin hued water in the beautiful creeks flowing through this stunning landscape. Marvel at the ferns, mosses, lichens and fungi throughout the forest. A photographer’s paradise.

Take a spooky walk into the abandoned Mt Jukes Proprietary Mine. A horizontal tunnel mined into the side of Mt Jukes in the 1890's by the original pioneer miners. Find your own piece of copper ore on the ground as you walk through the mine. You may even be lucky enough to spot some silver or gold and look out for the surprise at the end of the tunnel. Further along your journey you will come to the site of the world famous Franklin River Dam blockades of the early 1980's. The catalyst for the area becoming World Heritage listed.

Journey deep into the forest to the beautiful Bird River where you will rest awhile and savour the magnificent scent of this pure natural forest whilst your guide prepares a billy of hot bush tea to accompany a delicious offering of Tasmanian goodies.
Keep an eye out for the local inhabitants. You may see wallabies, pademelons, spotted quolls, and if you are very lucky you may see a Tasmanian Devil.

As you head back to Queenstown, you will stop in at the Tasmanian Special Timbers sawmill and meet 4th and 5th generation piners, working hard to mill the stunning timbers that will become magnificent pieces of furniture or crafted items. Purchase a piece to take home. These men are real characters and a tourist attraction in themselves.

Arrive back in Queenstown invigorated from the fresh clean air and your encounter with the forests and mines that helped shape a nation.
Duration - 4 hours

Mt Lyell Underground and Lake Margaret Power Station

My Lyell Underground
For serious boasting power on return from your holiday, why not do something completely different? Get kitted out in your hard hat, miner's lamp, gumboots, high viz vest and self rescue equipment belt. Jump in the back of a working miner's transport vehicle and head off into the heart of the mine.  Travel for 6km down the main decline to the lower shaft levels where you will see how the copper that helps your mobile phone function, amongst many other uses, is extracted from the earth.

Marvel at the cavernous working spaces and massive machinery that crushes the rock ready to be hoisted to the surface.  Hang out in the miner's crib room where they gather for meal breaks.  See the refuge chambers and escape-ways.  Learn about the safe work culture, world's best practice that is an integral part of mining in Australia.

You will also learn about the 131 year history of mining here by visiting some of the original mining sites.  Hear fascinating stories of the impact these mines had on the development of our great nation.  Also learn of the environmental impact and work being done to rehabilitate the landscape.

Visit the site of the 1912 mining disaster, one of Australia's worst mining tragedies where 42 miners lost their lives when fire broke out in the pump house on the 700 foot level of the North Lyell Shaft.
Duration 3.5 hours

Lake Margaret Power Station
Explore the century old Hydro Power scheme of Lake Margaret.
See the original machinery still working that produces clean electricity to power the Mt Lyell Mine as it did when first built by the Mt Lyell Mining and Railway Company 1912-1914.  Board the 8 seater minibus for a private tour of this historic hydro power scheme. As the only licensed tour operators for this site we are proud to be able to guide small groups on this exclusive tour.

Western Tasmania was one of the most remote places on earth when prospectors first discovered the rich mineral deposits in the area.  With no coal to generate electricity and the forest being rapidly depleted to fuel the furnaces of the mine it was imperative that another power source be found.  It was decided to harness the power of running water which was the most plentiful resource, with an average of 3.6 metres of rain per year.

Hear the stories of how this was achieved and of the thriving village of families that lived in this remote but beautiful spot.

Watch the machinery work as it did 100 years ago and marvel at its immaculate condition.

Admire the wooden pipeline that carries millions of litres of water to power the turbines that produce the electricity.
Duration 2.5 hours


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