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Built using oak way back in 1930 Yukon trawled the North Sea as far as Scotland’s Aberdeen. Her next incarnation was as a pleasure craft socialising on the Danish wooden boat circuit. But Yukon fell on hard times and was eventually discovered by her new owners when she was rescued   from the bottom of a harbour near Copenhagen.

After seven years of restoration, six years chartering on the Baltic Sea and a voyage to Australia, the Yukon is here for adventures in Tasmania!

Choose from a wide selection of tours which vary from daily calm cruises as well as seven day sailing adventures. You can explore the waters of Port Davey, Bruny Island, Maria Island or alternatively set your own itinerary! Keen sailor’s can enjoy the sailing experience too! Set and trim the sails, learn a useful knot or try a `trick` at the helm. As the elements gradually begin to work their magic, you wont help but be enchanted by the sensation of this incredible ship under sail. A trip on Yukon is a truly wonderful way to explore Tasmania!

Without a doubt this trip offers a truly memorable experience on board the Yukon. A fantastic historic sailing gift voucher idea!

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Franklin Marina 
3333 Huon Highway, Franklin
0447 972342 / 0498 578535
Our Tours

Daily Calm Sail- Join us on board for this popular 90 minute cruise, where you can hear the story of Yukon’s  restoration and voyage to Australia.

Become a part of the experience as you hoist sail or simply sit back and enjoy the timeless feeling and the beauty of the Huon Valley. More Information.

Port Davey (7 day)- The time spent at Port Davey is relative to passage times and can vary due to weather. Usually we would expect to have about 3 to 4 days in the South West National park.

Normally the first 24 hours are spent in the D’Entrecasteaux Channel – we like to anchor at Recherché Bay on the first evening and take a walk ashore on the varied beaches of this lovely bay.

The 70 mile passage around to Port Davey can include a landing at Cox’s Bight but often we make a non-stop passage traversing this seldom seen coast line in daylight hours making Bramble cove (Port Davey) at dusk. More Information

Bruny Island- Sail aboard Yukon on ‘the channel’, a favorite cruising ground for the Tasmanian sailor, this partially sheltered water way nestled between the Tasmanian mainland and Bruny Island has a myriad of anchorages and secluded beaches. An ideal passage for a short break, this 3 night voyage is a good introduction to coastal cruising aboard Yukon.

This is an excellent opportunity to take a comfortable low-impact holiday and feel the amazing sensation of a wooden ship under sail at sea. More Information.

Maria Island- Sail aboard Yukon and enjoy Tasmania’s amazing South East coast, white sweeping beaches, rusty granite boulders of massive dimension secluded wooded anchorages this is voyage of surprising contrasts

The rounding of Tasman island is an awesome experience its sheer cliffs always impress

This is an excellent opportunity to take a comfortable low-impact holiday and feel the amazing sensation of a wooden ship under sail at sea. More Information

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YUKON’s History
Originally named Elly she was built in 1930 at Hjorne and Jacobsen’s shipyard in Fredrikshavn north of Jutland. Oak on oak, ketch rigged with a 67 hp auxiliary Tuxham motor.

She is a member of the first generation of Danish fishing trawlers that were built with an engine. Resulting in a change of fishing technique, so they were nicknamed hajkutter or shark kutters after their effectiveness.

The vertical planking around the transom bulwarks could easily be likened to a row of threatening teeth so the nickname fits.

YUKON continued to fish commercially up to 1974 apart from a short period during the war where the she was commandeered by the German navy.

In 1951, she got her current name as a result of a fishing family that struck it lucky in the goldfields of Alaska on the banks of the Yukon River.

From 1974 up until 1997, Yukon sailed as a pleasure boat and became well known around the various regattas in Denmark.

From 1997-2004, Yukon underwent a major restoration which means basically the ship is brand new from the waterline up. This includes new engine, electrics and systems.

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