Pickled Evenings Indian Restaurant

Purchase a gift voucher from Your Market Place and redeem at Pickled Evenings Indian Restaurant and enjoy delicious Indian Punjabi cuisine!

Located in Launceston Pickled Evening serves up delicious as well as authentic Punjabi cuisine. A fantastic  restaurant gift voucher idea for that foodie in your life who enjoys a bit of spice!

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“With an abundance of pride, we present to you, a kitchen from the history book that has walked its journey from up above to down under”

The team proudly describes Pickled Evenings as a modern Indian Punjabi cuisine serving quality Indian food with style! They have a deep knowledge of magical flavors and ensure that every dish is a true taste sensation.

Pickled Evenings serves up authentic Indian Food that takes you straight to the land where it’s born. The authentic Indian food on their menu is made with aromatic Indian spices – the very essence of Indian cuisine. Pickled Evenings has deservedly carved out a niche for its fine dining and great service. It also offers a catering and takeaway service.

Your taste buds will go home extremely happy (and also your tummy too!). Go on – why not treat a loved one (with a penchant for a little spice!) to a scrumptious meal at Pickled Evenings.

An original restaurant gift voucher idea.

Contact Details
135 George Street 
 Launceston, Tas

Open : Tuesday - Sunday, Dinner 5:30 PM - Till Late



633 10 110
Dinner menu

Dinner Menu

Dinner Menu
Non Vegetarian

Chicken Tikka 12.90
Morsels of chicken marinated in Greek yogurt, tandoori spices and finished in tandoor

Tandoori Chicken 14.90
Half chicken (with bone) marinated in spiced ginger, garlic yoghurt and cooked in tandoor

Lamb Chops 14.90
Tasmanian lamb chops marinated with freshly ground spices and yoghurt

Tandoori Fish Tikka 14.90
Barramundi fish marinated in yoghurt, house spices and cooked to perfection in clay oven


Chickpea Fritters 10.90
Chickpea mash and ground spiced fritters served with mint sauce

Potato and Peas Samosa 10.90
Triangle flaky pastry stuffed with peas and potatoes

Cheese Corn Balls 10.90
Crumbed and deep fried corn, potato and bell pepper balls stuffed with cheese

Assorted Naan Bread Platter 10.90
Assortment of tiny naan breads including garlic, butter, kashmiri & cheese served with dips

Spinach and Cheese Naan 10.90
Fluffy Indian breads stuffed with a mixture of spinach, cheese and spices


Main Course Non Vegetarian Curries

Pickled Beef 20.90
Chef’s special beef curry braised in Tasmanian red wine and cooked with bell peppers

Beef Korma 20.90
Beef cooked with aromatic blend of brown onion

Beef Vindaloo (Hot) 20.90
Delicacy from western coast of India

Chicken Tikka Masala 19.90
Boneless chicken tikka cooked with assorted peppers, tomato, cumin seeds and onion

Butter Chicken 19.90
Tandoori grilled chunks of chicken simmered with smooth tomato gravy, flavoured with fenugreek

Lamb Rogan Josh 21.90
Exotic lamb curry in true Kashmiri style

Lamb Shank 21.90
Lamb shank marinated with traditional India spices, braised with rum, finished in smooth gravy

Lamb Madras 21.90
A truly Malabar lamb dish cooked in the base of coconut milk and ground spices

Lamb and Spinach 21.90
Lamb cooked with spinach, onion and tomato gravy

Goani Fish 22.90
Cubes of barramundi fish cooked in smooth and flavourful coconut gravy

Prawn Masala 22.90
Prawns sautéed with diced tomatoes onions and capsicum, finished with coriander

Prawn Vindaloo 22.90
Prawns prepared in truly Goa’s hot gravy

Butter Prawn 20.90
Prawns simmered with smooth tomato gravy, flavoured with fenugreek

Mix Seafood 20.90
Melange of fish, prawn & scallops in onion and tomato gravy


Add Sides

Mint Sauce, Raita, Mango Chutney, Pickles, Papadum ,Rice, Naan Bread


Main Course Vegetarian Curries

Pumpkin & Eggplant 18.90
Beautiful combination of pumpkin & eggplant in creamy gravy

Palak Kofta 18.90
Spinach and potatoes balls cooked in a creamy spinach sauce

Goani Vegetable 18.90
Chefs choice delight with hot chillies, vegetables and coconut base

Mixed Vegetables 18.90
Chef’s special melange of beans, broccoli, baby corn and peas cooked with spinach

Vegetable Korma 18.90
Mixed vegetables cooked in brown onion gravy

Daal Tadka 16.90
Yellow lentil tempered with cumin seeds, garlic and whole red chilies

Cottage Cheese and Spinach 18.90
Cottage cheese and spinach flavoured with garlic and garnished with cream

Kadai Paneer 18.90
Cubes of cottage cheese cooked with capsicum, onion, tomato and home ground spices

Mushroom and Spinach 18.90
Premium button mushrooms cooked in thick spinach and garlic sauce


Add Sides

Mint Sauce, Raita, Mango Chutney, Pickles, Papadum ,Rice, Naan Bread


Parantha (Layered wholemeal bread)

Caraway Seeds 4.50

Mint 4.50

Chilli 4.50

Butter 4.50


Kulcha (Stuffed bread made of Plain Flour)

Potato 4.50

Cottage Cheese 4.50

Onion 4.50

Cheese 5.00

Cheese Garlic 5.00

Cheese & Potato 5.00

Kashmiri 5.00


Naan (Plain Flour Bread)

Plain 4.50

Garlic 4.50

Butter 4.50

Oregano 4.50


Roti (Wholemeal Bread)

Garlic 4.00

Butter 4.00

Plain 4.00



Cumin rice 2.90
Basmati rice cooked with cumin seeds

Vegetable Biryani 16.90
Melange of vegetable and basmati rice

Chicken Biryani 17.90
Rice simmered with tender chicken pieces in spiced chicken stock and finished with coriander and cardamon

Lamb Biryani 17.90
Cubes of lamb cooked with finest basmati rice and authentic spices

Prawn Biryani 18.90
Basmati rice cooked with prawns garnished with fresh coriander and ginger julienne



Mix Pickles 2.90

Papadum 3.90

Mango Chutney 2.90

Raita 2.90
Indian style churned yoghurt with sweet spices

Mix Platter 5.90
Raita, Pickle, Mango Chutney

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Best Asian Restaurant 2010,
Tasmania - THA

Best Small Hospitality Business 2009 -
Launceston Chamber of Commerce

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