Tarkine Forest Adventures at Dismal Swamp

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Tarkine Forest Adventures at Dismal Swamp is an intriguing eco-tourism experience set in the evocative surrounds of a giant blackwood sinkhole. The sinkhole is the largest sink hole in the Southern Hemisphere.  A  unique adventure ecotourism gift voucher idea!

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The attraction provides a contemporary interpretation of an ancient environment. It features a thrilling 110-metre slide down to the swamp floor. A series of ‘maze-like’ paths and also fascinating art installations inspired by the swamp ecology.

The experience at Dismal Swamp is truly unique. We’re fairly sure there’s few people who have experienced taking a slide down a sink hole!

Set in the beautiful Tarkine Forest you’ll not only experience the adventure of the slide and the sink hole but also the incredible nature of this fascinating forest. Equally impressive are the inspiring  views over the forest. The sight will leave you breathless and eager to explore this natural wonder.

The stylish Visitor Centre satisfies the other senses with a brasserie serving delicious meals as well as beverages. It also has stunning, not-to-be missed views of the blackwood swamp from a cantilevered look-out.

The perfect gift to surprise that adventurer in your life. We’re positive that you’ll certainly get points on gift idea originality!

A great adventure ecotourism gift idea.



Contact Details
26059 Bass Highway
 Togari 7330, Tasmania



6456 7138

Covering 600 hectares, Dismal Swamp is believed to be the only blackwood sinkhole in the world, formed over thousands of years by dissolving dolomite. It is registered as a National Estate Area based on its importance for understanding the ecology of blackwood forest communities. The forest is thick with blackwood, myrtle and tea tree. Swamp flora also includes sassafras, native laurel, fungi and man ferns. The swamp is home to creatures such as the burrowing crayfish, spotted-tailed quolls, pademelons, ring-tail possums, snakes, blue wrens, robins, green parrots and grey goshawks.

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Puzzling name

Dismal Swamp is the area’s historical name, believed to date back to colonial times. While there are a number of stories about its origin, the most credible is that it was named in 1828 by Government Surveyor John Wedge who was exploring the area at the time under the instruction of Governor Arthur. It is recorded that the group had a ‘dismal’ experience surveying the swamp. They were constantly wet and had to sleep on fallen logs and in trees to try to keep dry at night. The neighbouring swamp apparently offered some respite from the damp and hence earned the name Welcome Swamp.

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