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The rainforests of the incredible Tarkine is one of Australia’s best kept secrets. Redeem a Your Market Place voucher at Tarkine Trails and experience this amazing natural environment. Looking for gifts for hikers? Or perhaps a nature over? You’ve come to the right place!

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Come and experience the unbelievable beauty of this 65 million year old forest. Meander  through callidendrous or ‘cathedral-like’ groves with mosses and fungi carpeting the forest floor. Marvel at the Tarkine’s incredible  coastline, rich with aboriginal archaeological history combined with raw coastal beauty. There really is no place like The Tarkine Rainforest.

Tarkine Trails offers three extremely unique experiences designed to suit a wide array of fitness levels. From the serious walker right through to the newcomer wanting to experience the forest but with all of the luxuries along the way.

Are you a keen photographer? Tarkine Trails also offers an incredible photography tour where you spend four days with local professional photographers emerging yourself and your camera into this inspiring wilderness environment. You’ll pick up key nature photography skills whilst also experiencing the area’s diverse landscape.

Whichever tour you decide to do you’ll be sure to experience all the beauty of this unique environment and also enjoy the adventure along the way. You may even get close to a few of the rainforests inhabitants such as the Tasmanian devil.

The perfect gift experience for the adventurer, the hiker or nature lover as well as anyone who just wants to escape the  hustle  and  bustle  of  everyday life.





The Tarkine

The Tarkine Wilderness region is located in the north-west of Tasmania. The area encompasses 447,000 hectares of wilderness including the Southern Hemispheres largest single tract of temperate rain forest, a wild coastline with an extraordinary wealth of Aboriginal Cultural Heritage sites, and habitat for over 50 threatened species. There are groves of the tallest hardwood trees on the planet, numerous wild rivers, and spectacular mountain ranges. Until recently the forests of Tarkine were inaccessible for walking tours. In collaboration with the Tarkine National Coalition, Tarkine Trails has opened a forest trail that provides access to the ancient forests the Tarkine is famous for. It is without doubt, Australia’s best kept wilderness secret, but one that will not last forever, so we urge you to join us sooner rather than later while this remoteness and isolation lasts.

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The Devil Project

Tarkine Trails are assisting the Tasmanian Government and the University of Tasmania in their fight to save Tasmanian devils from extinction. We operate motion-sensitive cameras throughout the rainforests and coastlines of the Tarkine in order to monitor hitherto unknown and increasingly precious devil populations. Our guests can participate in the collection and viewing of the camera data – getting a rare insight into the secret behaviour of the Tarkine wildlife.

Tarkine Trails, and people across the world, have been shocked by the demise of the Tasmanian devil due to the Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD).

We do not know how this blight came upon our devils but the impacts are measureable – and disturbing.

  • Since the first recording of the disease in 1996 sightings of devils have dropped by 84%.
  • They have now all but disappeared from the state’s northeast.
  • This is no evidence of the decline stopping. Highly contagious, 100% fatal and spread by facial contact (common amongst squabbling devils) DFTD now effects devils across three-quarters of Tasmania – you just happen to be visiting the fourth quarter.

So why are you so important? Simple. Without you, we wouldn’t be here.

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