Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary

Purchase an online gift voucher from Your Market Place and redeem at the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary for an unforgettable wildlife experience.

Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary is Tasmania’s largest rescue service and a great place to visit for anyone who loves Tasmanian wildlife. A wonderful gift for animal lovers!

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Located just half an hour by car from Hobart city centre, Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary is located in a convenient spot.  It’s also on the way to Launceston, Strahan, the east coast and Port Arthur.

Bonorong is not a zoo – their aim is to get healthy animals back to the wild.  All of the animals undergo meticulous assessment to ensure they are happy and healthy.

Every single one of the animals here has a story to tell.  At Bonorong you’ll get to meet animals that are extinct everywhere except on this island refuge.

The sanctuary’s ever-changing menagerie of survivors includes wombats, devils, quolls, native birds, possums, koalas, lizards, snakes and emus.

They also have an incredible Tasmanian devil breeding program boosting the population of this endangered species.  Visit the sanctuary and you’ll also learn about the ways you can help to save this remarkable animal.

Take part in a daily tour of the Sanctuary. Learn all about the incredible animals and also the important work the Sanctuary does to protect them. The team at Bonorong are hugely passionate about wildlife and will share with you their extensive knowledge about the animals they look after.

There’s also a number of ‘behind-the scenes’ tours where you can get up close to these incredible animals and get a deeper understanding of how the animals live.

A wonderful gift for animal lovers everywhere – redeem a Your Market Place gift voucher at Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary and you’ll also help support the work they do to keep our Tasmanian animals safe.





Contact Details
593 Briggs Road, Brighton, Tasmania



 (03) 6268 1184



At Bonorong, we are very passionate about acting sustainably, and then seeing how the little changes we make in everyday life can result in bigger changes overall....Our efforts were recognised by winning the 2013 EPA Sustainability Innovation in Industry Award.

Some of the sustainability initiatives we are implementing at Bonorong include:

Keeping it local

Only stocking fair trade coffee and giving preference to local food producers.

Reducing plastic use

Plastic bags have been removed from the gift shop and paper carry bags are now given to guests for their purchases upon request.

The garbage bins that we have in the park at the moment require a plastic bag liner to catch the rubbish. These are emptied daily and while we try to re-use any plastic liners that are in a fit condition the system means that we do go through a large number of plastic bags every week. What we plan to do is phase out these plastic liners and use non-lined ones that can be easily emptied, hosed out and then re-used. This is part of our hope to reduce the number of disposable items we use and replace them reusable, more durable alternatives.

Replacing the plastic drink bottles in our shop with glass alternatives

Many of our marine animals have trouble distinguishing floating plastic from food and will eat small plastic fragments such as bottle caps and rings, and bits of broken plastic. Seabirds are regularly found with their stomachs packed full of these items which can lead to serious injury and starvation.

To help reduce this risk, we are replacing plastic drink bottles in our shop with glass alternatives. Most of the drinks in our fridges are now in glass bottles with metal lids, although we have had trouble sourcing glass alternatives for some essentials such as water. We are pursuing some avenues for this and will hopefully be successful soon.

Reducing Paper Usage

The paper hand towel in the washrooms has been replaced by more sustainable eco


While at the Sanctuary, guests are encouraged to recycle glass, cans and plastics through the placement of recycling bins in high traffic areas.

Sanctuary waste is divided into separate bins for paper, cardboard, aluminium, glass and plastic. These are then collected and recycled.

Bore water is used for watering lawns and gardens through a grid of manually rotated sprinkler ports. This water reticulates back into the water table to be reused.

Grey water from the Sanctuary is collected and processed by an Envirocycle system for use in the toilets.

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Tasmania's First Wildlife Vet Clinic

Bonorong is building Tasmania’s first ever wildlife vet hospital, which will be free for all wildlife and staffed by a full-time vet. We are currently raising funds for the project and we are very close to reaching our target and building this vital facility. This project is a true community effort and has been based on the generosity of a huge number of donors and supporters.

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