About Your Market Place and the Tasmanian behind it…


Hobart’s Jan Glover established Your Market Place in 2015, a business model placing the community at its very heart. We support small business in Tasmania and also give consumers an opportunity to buy someone special a unique Tasmanian gift voucher.  Today, Your Market Place supports more than 70 small businesses across Tasmania through its innovative Tasmanian gift voucher concept.


What makes Your Market Place different? The very reason for its existence gives Your Market Place its distinctive personality. The founders created the platform solely to support local business and keep dollars in the Tasmanian community while providing the convenience of shopping online for unique gifts.


Through Your Market Place, you can purchase a Tasmanian gift voucher of any dollar value, knowing that you’re giving back to the island while having a gorgeously designed voucher delivered to your loved one. Vouchers can be split across businesses and can be delivered electronically, but who doesn’t love something special in the old fashioned letter box?


The Your Market Place mission is to connect people with Tasmania and deliver a streamlined and easy shopping experience. Those who cannot shop in store or who may live interstate, can still purchase from our local businesses by buying a Your Market Place Tasmanian Gift voucher online.  Through opting for a Your Market Place voucher, you’re helping us generate regional business, employ locals and champion our island offerings. Plus, you or your special someone will also receive something uniquely Tasmanian.


Jan isn’t just some tree-changing blow in. The Hobart mother has roots going back seven generations in Tasmania. Jan’s family past is sprinkled with aboriginal heritage, convicts and also a famed painter. On her mother’s side, convict Samuel Hite arrived in Hobart in 1821, sentenced to life for burglary. He was minding sheep when taken by bushranger Matthew Brady before managing to escape. Given full pardon in 1940 Samuel married another convict, Mary, and raised eight children. Interestingly, although both Sam and Mary were not aboriginal, two of the children were. Although the children were treated as siblings, two had ‘native’ written on their birth certificates and were not allowed to be buried alongside their ‘white’ partners after death. It is not clear who the aboriginal mother was.

On Jan’s father’s side, the family is quite different. The Glover family are direct descendants of John Henry Glover an English-born Australian artist.  Hailed as ‘the father of Australian landscape painting’ he became best known for his striking paintings of the Tasmanian landscape.  He moved to Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania) on his 64th birthday back in 1831, living in Hobart on a property named Stanwell Hall.

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