The team at Your Market Place believe that giving a gift is all about love, appreciation, showing kindness, making someone feel special and that you care and are thinking of them.

BUT…we also believe that it’s extra special if the gift you have spent your hard earned money on is something they are going to love!

Let’s be honest, how many gifts do you re gift, squirrel away in a cupboard and not really think about it again until you find it covered in dust several years later and can’t really decide what to do with it? It’s too good to throw out but who could you give it to? I know because I do it too! Secretly, I think we are all guilty but we would never be so rude or ungrateful as to say or do any different! How much money is wasted on unwanted gifts…

We would like to make it easy for the person giving the gift by giving the lucky recipient a gift they will not only love and adore but absolutely rave about!

A gift that is easy for the person giving the gift, lucky for the recipient, employs our local kids, supports our small, local businesses and keeps the money right here in our community! We believe a win/win for everyone involved!

Purchase a gift voucher from Your Market Place online, choose the value of the gift voucher, write a personal message, pay via credit card, paypal or direct bank transfer, opt to send it beautifully wrapped in a ribbon by the local post (how special is that!) or we can send via email (great for a last minute gift idea).

The wonderful thing is that your lucky recipient can choose where they spent their gift voucher…they might choose a night away at luxury accommodation, a special dinner at a local restaurant, a new pair of shoes, the choices are endless!

They can also split their gift voucher at different businesses, some here and some there, how cool is that!

One thing for sure is whatever they spend the gift voucher on it’s something they are going to love!


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